"Give Harnet Kids a Smile" at Columbia University in Lillington, N.C,

Anita Glicken, President of the nccPA Foundation and Consultant to National Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health recently attended the “Give Harnett Kids a Smile” event in Lillington, N.C.  It was an interprofessional health event that spanned service and education for students and health professionals in Physician Assistant, Public Health, and Dentistry (with Dental Hygiene and Pharmacy participation). The screening was held at the Harnett County Department of Health Building.  A few of the notable outcomes Anita observed were:

  • Engaged dental and public health champions worked closely with the education and practice community to plan, implement and evaluate the event; this was a great example of collective impact through an innovative community/campus partnership 
  • Interprofessional service for patients and professional learning experience: Oral health is an outstanding exemplar of IPE with students learning from, with and about each other. 
  • Educational outcomes relate to overall health: Focus was this is an overall health event, versus just oral health; this promotes the idea that oral health is part of overall health and the mouth is a part of the body for students, volunteers and patient

Read more about the event on the Campbell University Website by clicking here