Rural Health Leadership Radio: A Conversation with Mark Deutchman


This week we’re having a conversation with Mark Deutchman, M.D., a Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  Link to Podcast: Click Here

Dr. Deutchman has been involved in rural medical practice or teaching for over 35 years. He also has faculty appointments in the School of Dental Medicine and the School of Public Health.   He practiced Family Medicine in rural, south

western Washington State for 12 years.  His first teaching position was at the University of Tennessee, Memphis where he founded an obstetrics fellowship to train rural Family Physicians in surgical obstetrics.

“I never really connected oral health and overall health until I was here at CU.”

For the last 23 years he has taught medical students, residents and fellows at the University of Colorado in Denver.  He is founding director of the Rural Track in the School of Medicine, a program for students who are planning a career in rural medical practice. He also serves as Executive Director of the Colorado Area Health Education Center Program Office.  In addition to an emphasis on rural physician workforce development, he is engaged in interdisciplinary training and works with programs to integrate oral health into primary care.

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